The St. Charles Heritage Center offers several programs for third grade classes studying local history. In addition to the programs offered to the schools, we also offer programs for Scout groups working towards badges. All programs cost $2.00 per student. For further information regarding any of these programs or to schedule one please contact the Heritage Center’s Educator, Natalie Gacek:

School Programs:

school tours

Native American Traveling Trunk Program
This program highlights the two distinct Native American cultures from St. Charles - The Mound Builders & The Potawatomi. This program includes:

Early Settlers Traveling Trunk Program
This program introduces St. Charles history and the early settlers to the area. This program includes:

Museum Tour & Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
This program is a good introduction or conclusion to the study of St. Charles History. This program includes:

Scout Programs:

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Cub Scouts Wolf Badge:
Arrow Point Elective #10 - Native American Lore
Come to the museum to view Native American artifacts, and then tell a story using Native American symbols.

Cub Scouts Bear Badge:
1. What Makes America Special (Achievement 3)
Come to the Museum to find out what makes St. Charles special
2. The Past is Exciting and Important (Achievement 8)
Find out some interesting history about St. Charles
The Heritage Center also has information to help with programs for Arrow Point Elective #24

Listening to the Past Badge

scout program pic
1. If these buildings could talk
2. Games of the past

Jr. Girl Scouts:
Local Lore Badge
1. Word of mouth
2. It’s all on the maps
3. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
4. Take a trip

Sr. Girl Scouts & Cadets:
Museum Discovery Badge
~Skill Builders - Visit a museum and take a behind the scenes tour
~Career Exploration - Shadow a person who works in a museum

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